Practice Mangement & Revenue Cycle Management

Manage the Business Side of Your Practice from One Place

Our robust practice management system is designed to simplify processes and boost cash flow. Sending claims and statements, eligibility verification, appointment reminders and accounts receivable follow-up calls can be set as automated functions. An integrated clearinghouse simplifies the claims process by connecting with payers for you. This allows for claim status updates within minutes of submission and easy claims tracking from a central dashboard. Our system ensures key processes and business operations are never overlooked.

Appointment Scheduling

Easily create and manage all patient visits with flexible and customizable scheduling features. Generate appointments based on visit types, first available or designated time slots. A detailed check-in screen provides all of the tools needed to collect copays and required information to move patients through registration efficiently.

Automated Eligibility Checking

Eliminate the burden of manually checking each patient’s eligibility before the appointment. With automated real-time and batch verification, eligibility is identified before visits, allowing your staff to focus time in other areas.

Statement Processing

Serve your patients with concise, readable statements that improve comprehension. Have the ability to deliver information in different ways including digital color, duplex printing, paperless and more. Increase your collections with reduced administrative time through automated bundled letters based on business rules and fully-integrated address corrections.

Robust Reporting

Use your data to gain insight, ensuring your practice is running efficiently. With custom and out-of-the-box reports, take a meaningful look at key performance areas and make timely adjustments when needed.

Electronic Claims Management

Let the system handle the connection between claims and payers for your revenue cycle. Stay up-to-date with the status of your claims through the real-time dashboard.

Increased Collection

Ease your mind knowing our system will run the entire process of collecting patient payments. Automated follow-up, payment reminders and more will be taken care of to properly maintain your accounts receivable.