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Data-Driven Outcomes for Better Care

Increase efficiency with our clinical decision support and Population Health Management tools. MCIS Insights™ is fully integrated at the point of care to help providers drive better patient outcomes across the care continuum.

Population Health Management

Our Population Health Management tools give you a real-time view into your patient panel. View key metrics and identify care gaps to take action at the individual patient level. MCIS Insights™ incorporates evidence-based guidelines to drive positive outcomes and improve the patient experience.

Predictive Modeling

Improve the delivery of patient care by identifying high-risk patient populations using predictive modeling. With rapid data analysis, enhance quality and decrease costs, while improving care coordination.

Meaningful Use Reporting

Easily attest to Meaningful Use with intuitive dashboards that give you real-time insight on how you are trending towards your goals. Our MU tools allow you to drill down into patient-level details to identify gaps and drive actionable results.

Meaningful Use Certified

Make your practice meaningful, don't just check the boxes. Our EHR integrates strategies that help you effortlessly qualify for incentives.

Costs and Limitations

HCC Risk Score

Identify high-cost patients using the CMS-HCC Risk Adjustment Model. With this insight, meet the triple aim of lowering costs with chronic care management and enhancing the patient experience.

Business Intelligence

You have full access to your data with the patient query. Use relevant health information related to your patients to take clinical actions and enhance the quality of care.

Industry Benchmarks

Use aggregated data from our community of users as a baseline for performance benchmarks. Compare your practice against others to find new ways to improve processes and patient outcomes.

Patients are impressed that we intervene using Population Health Management. It gives them a sense that their care team truly cares about their personal health.

Kori Krueger, MD

Director of Institute for Quality, Innovation and Patient Safety, Marshfield Clinic

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Improve the delivery of patient care with our Meaningful Use Certified EHR. Established from within the Marshfield Clinic, MCIS Clincals™ is continually validated by busy, practicing physicians to ensure optimal workflow across the care team.

Discover Patient Portal

Enhance patient engagement through a secure, custom-branded patient portal. MCIS Patient™ gives your patients a convenient way to connect with you – anywhere, anytime – empowering them to take an active role in their own care.

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