About Us

Our Organization

MCIS is the information technology organization of Marshfield Clinic Health System. Its partnership with the Health System supports the development of emerging technology. MCIS is designed to inspire ideas and innovation that drives effective healthcare delivery across the continuum of care.


We enrich lives through innovative healthcare technology and services.


We will innovate and define the future of healthcare for generations. We will be the first choice for healthcare technology and services.

Over 50 Years of Experience

1985 – Our very first EHR release




1991 – We implemented automated charge capture



1994 – Our EHR became the legal record of Marshfield Clinic



2003 – Our EHR is made tablet-friendly and delivered at the point-of-care



2006 – We were the first provider-developed ambulatory EHR in the nation to achieve CCHIT certification



2008 – We grew to be the largest patient database in Wisconsin



2009 – We implemented e-Prescribing




2011 – We achieved MU Stage 1 certification




2014 – We accomplished MU Stage 2 certification – Costs and Limitations



2015 – Our software becomes Surescripts certified

Charitable Contributions

Marshfield Clinic Health System provides charitable contributions, sponsorships and in-kind gifts to organizations and efforts sharing our commitment to promoting positive change, healthy living, disease prevention and overall well-being of the people and communities we serve.