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Aligning Information Systems

Numerous reform initiatives are transforming the way healthcare is delivered. Marshfield Clinic Information Services (MCIS) intends to meet the needs of our customers by aligning our solutions to fit the demands of today’s evolving healthcare models.



Manage Patient Populations

The fee-for-service model of healthcare encouraged providers to diagnose and treat only the patient in the office at that moment. New models require that provider organizations treat the patient in the office as well as those at most risk for their condition(s) to deteriorate.

Advanced Analytics and
Care Coordination

MCIS provides the analytics and care coordination tools that are essential for identifying at risk patients and guiding the process to keep them healthy.

Increased Regulation

Most reform efforts take the form of government regulations and/or programs: Meaningful Use, Patient-Centered Medical Home, etc. These initiatives must be supported by the technology products in use by healthcare providers.

Certified Products

All MCIS products are certified according to the standards of these various programs. This allows providers to focus on their standard of care, while MCIS addresses the standards of product certification.

Rapid Innovation

The pace of change in healthcare is overwhelming. New medications, new devices, new procedures, as well as new technologies flood the market regularly. Healthcare providers can not reasonably expect to stay on top of all this change without trusted partners in key areas.

Managed IS Services

MCIS takes ownership of the technology change on behalf of our clients. We ensure that our customers have the latest, most cost-effective technology necessary to meet the demands of their practice.

Payment Reform

Shared savings programs, capitated payments, bundled payments, etc. from government as well as private payers result in the need for healthcare providers to do more with less.

Service Model

One way to maximize the value of IS to organizations is to remove the cost and hassle factor associated with complex hardware housed and maintained on site.

Leveraging Traditions of IS at Marshfield Clinic

Watch how MCIS has revolutionized healthcare IT for Marshfield Clinic
  • IT at Marshfield Clinic began in 1964
  • Internally developed EMR launched in 1985
  • Achieved 100% Physician Adoption in 1994
  • A pioneer in shared savings programs, over
    $118 million saved to date
  • First Internally-developed system to
    achieve CCHIT certification

Created by physicians for physicians, Cattails Software is proven to effectively apply information technology to improve the quality and safety of patient care and is used by more than 900 practitioners controlling over 2 Million electronic health records.

Distributing the Benefits of Healthcare Innovation

Make world-class solutions and delivery available to all. Through excellent customer service, Marshfield Clinic Information Services (MCIS) will enable and advance the practice of medicine for our existing customers to start, slowly growing to serve additional provider organizations. The MCIS solutions we develop will be delivered in the most cost-effective manner to benefit the entire industry.

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