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With our fully-integrated clinical platform, use flexible workflows to enhance the delivery and quality of care, while ensuring you get paid what you deserve. MCIS Clinicals™ empowers physicians to practice medicine with expert clinical decision support when they need it.

MCIS Clinicals™

Improve care delivery with an EHR designed to optimize your care team workflow to bring more value and meaning to patient care.

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MCIS Insights™

Utilize real-time analytics to proactively intervene with your patients to improve your population health outcomes.

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MCIS Patient™

Drive patient engagement beyond the office visit with a portal that allows patients to take an active role in improving their own health.

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Overall, MCIS Clinicals™ streamlines the process of care delivery and the end product is better care, better care teams and better connectivity.

Dr. Kori Krueger

Marshfield Clinic

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